Sponsorship Programme


If you’d like to become a part of the fast growing team here at Sourpuff and partner with us with a chance of getting free products, then look no further! We at Sourpuff strive to deliver with full commitment, and we are looking for dedicated sponsors to join us! 

-Must have either 1k+, or a good reason for consideration such as: commitment, interest, enthusiasm etc (will consider on individual basis
-Account must be public.

We will provide you with your own custom promo code to promote our shop as a sponsor! For every five people who use your code (used during payment checkout on our website when purchasing), you are able to select an item from our store - no price limit! You can go about promoting in many different ways such as including your promo code in your bio/captions, sharing our photos, or purchasing our products first to promote! Whichever style you’re comfortable with. DM US AT @SOURPUFFSHOP TO APPLY.