Who We Are

We are Sourpuff Shopa unisex apparel line that aims to make you look aesthetic af without breaking the bank. Sourpuff Shop was originally created by three experienced and passionate textile designers back in 2016. It was our dream to create clothing that people could wear proudly. Our shop’s aim is to be unique and stand out from the high street fashion items but still be affordable for all.

We launched officially in 2019 after lots of trials and errors offline. We had to make it perfect, and it turned into something wonderful from all the love and demand received.

We’re now one of the most followed independent aesthetic clothing shops on Instagram with more and more growing demand every day. We’re proud to say our clientele has expanded to celebrities (we’re not ones to name drop *cough* Billie E..*cough*), with some of our products soon to be seen on an upcoming Netflix show in 2023 - EEK! We hope you enjoy our latest pieces because they’re only available for a limited time. 

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