SourPuffShop: Why our customers matter

Our customers are number one priority. This goes without saying. Since establishing the business we have built more and more customer-relations with the main foundation being trust. 

With over 200+ 5 star reviews across the website, and over 50+ positive social media feedback from our customers on Instagram, we have built a reputable base. But this is only the beginning and there’s still a way to go. Through these busy times, we have experienced more demand in our products than ever.  We have enforced a bigger team to handle this steep increase in orders to make sure they ship out on time. We are all ready for more product launches this year. We hope you are too, it is gonna be a good one! 💘

Another service we provide is to ensure all customer orders are tracked once shipped. All orders are tracked to ensure the couriers handle the packages reliably and responsibly prior to delivery. This is our way of making sure everything is kept under the system. With a click of a button, we can see the status of the package and so can you! 


We legit love you all and appreciate all the support. Let’s carry on rocking in the cutest fashion pieces ever.