SourPuff Shop: Don't fall for for the imitators

Hi Dolls,

This is our very first blog post this year but sadly we've had to resort to creating this article as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately we recently came across a website which has impersonated our business identity online, from the SourPuff Shop logo to the product names and photos. Our entire Sour Puff identity has been stolen. So we're here to warn you that:

1. This is our ONLY website. It is linked to our official Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook page. We do not have any other website running, no matter how convincing they look. If you find others that look similar then do not click on them and scroll away. It is unsafe and your data could be at risk. 

2. Do not purchase anything from the imitating website/s. These websites are made to look the same/similar to ours using our "Sour Puff Shop" logo. They will be offering everything at a discount to attempt to take your information and sell it elsewhere, you will not receive the products you've purchased from them so please beware. Be cautious and don't fall for it! 

3. We are working on taking down the website/s. Please remember that whenever you search our name "Sour Puff Shop", "Sourpuff" or "Sourpuff Shop" that will always be at the top of the results page for a reason, it is safe, secure and legitimate. We have been running SourPuff Shop for over five years and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Stay safe online and please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or concerns.